Banano News

The following list should be up-to-date and contain all relevant and noteworthy $BANANO-related announcements, updates, news, mentions whatsoever since BANANO has started:

April 2022

2022-04-09 Wen Banance? BANANO on Binance Smart Chain: wBAN/BUSD PancakeSwap Farm Revival (350k BAN Rewards!)

2022-04-09 Community Project: Freerice #6 runs April 10-19

2022-04-08 Community Project: Jungle TV Nifty NFT Raffle April 8-10

2022-04-08 Dungeons & BANANO is now at Youtube (Trailer inside)

2022-04-08 Community Event: Banano Age of Empires Tournament

2022-04-07 Banano DeFi: wBAN/BUSD Farm at PancakeSwap is back (350k BAN rewards!)

2022-04-07 Community Project: dagchat – A banano wallet with on chain memos and messages

2022-04-05 The BANANO Discord now has 40k+ members!

2022-04-05 BANANO Monthly Update #48 (April 2022)

2022-04-04 r/banano now has 50k members!

2022-04-03 BANANO Sundays: recap of the BANFam Community Call #13

2022-04-03 Join r/banano at r/places!

2022-04-03 Bantastic summary by a community member welcoming all new members

2022-04-03 Still running: Hemoglo-BAN, a blood donation event by the BANANO community

2022-04-03 BANANO History Lesson – How it began

2022-04-02 YUGE BANANO Giveaway that made it to #1 of r/popular!

2022-04-01 Happy Banniversary (NFT commemorating this day by cryptomonKeys)

2022-04-01 Event-Guide by Daily Peel: Banano’s 4th Banniversary

March 2022

2022-03-31 BANANO is Turning 4! Join the Birthday Party on April 1st!

2022-03-30 JungleTV event: 4th Banniversary Party – Live DJ Set with Enki

2022-03-27 Update: Hemoglo-Ban: Banano’s first global blood donation event!

2022-03-26 Community Event: Banano Grammys 2022

2022-03-22 Banano Sundays 12 – Community Call

2022-03-19 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) v2 and Updates — March 2022

2022-03-16 Community Event: Banano Oscars 2022

2022-03-10 The Weekly Peel #24 - BANANO Community Update

2022-03-06 420k BANANO Giveaway at r/cryptocurrency

2022-03-05 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) is now Live on Fantom and SpookySwap!

2022-03-04 BANANO Monthly Update #47 (March 2022)

February 2022

2022-02-28 Community Initiative: Ukraine BANANO Donation Project

2022-02-27 Even more BANANO for Everyone – New Giveaway at Reddit!

2022-02-27 Community Event: ungeons & BANANO: D&D-themed Trivia #2

2022-02-27 Hemoglo-Ban: Banano’s first global blood donation event!

2022-02-25 Community Event: FreeRice #5 – Animal Edition

2022-02-24 BANANO for Everyone – Giveaway at Reddit!

2022-02-21 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) Updates — February 2022

2022-02-21 Youtube Feature: Mayor talking about BANANO and cryptomonKeys at NFT Action News

2022-02-20 Team BANANO reaches 1 Trillion points at Folding@Home!

2022-02-19 Community Event: Masquerade Party 2022

2022-02-14 cryptomonKeys versus Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Meme Competition 2022

2022-02-09 Community Event: BANANO SweetFeast

2022-02-04 Featured BANANO Community Project:

2022-02-02 Community Event: Balentine’s Day Gift Making

2022-02-01 BANANO Monthly Update #46 (February 2022)

January 2022

2022-01-30 The Weekly Peel #23 — BANANO Community Update

2022-01-29 BANANO Monthly Update #45 (January 2022)

2022-01-29 weekend event: Monster Queue Day-19 party!

2022-01-29 Volcano Art Contest (10k BAN Prize Pool!)

2022-01-29 Community Event: Guess the Song Vol 3

2022-01-25 Community event: Weekly Anime Watch Party announcement

2022-01-24 Community event: JungleTV Character Art Contest

2022-01-24 Community Event: Jungle TV Tunesday

2022-01-23 BANANO Sundays #9 (Community Call)

2022-01-22 Wrapped Banano (wBAN) News — January 2022

2022-01-21 JungleTV NFT Nifty Raffle Event

2022-01-19 2021 BANAcademy Awards Winners

2022-01-14 Banano-chan meets E-Bangelion

2022-01-14 monKeyTV Episode 1 is live!

2022-01-14 JungleTV Giveaway

2022-01-14 Community Event: BANANO Freerice event #3

2022-01-13 cryptomonKeys is now on Twitch!

2022-01-13 cryptomonKeys is now on Youtube!

2022-01-13 cryptomonKeys and BANANO are now on BBS Network

2022-01-12 The Weekly Peel #22 - BANANO Community Update

2022-01-10 Community Event: Banano NFL Playoff Bracket 2022

2022-01-09 BANANO Community Call #9

2022-01-08 Joe Rogan and Jamie Vernon Enter the BananoVerse

2022-01-05 New BANANO Trading Pairs at Vitex Exchange

2022-01-03 cryptomonKeys xmas NFT calendar ends (28k+ NFTs freely distributed!)

2022-01-01 Happy New Year from the BANANO Team

December 2021

2021-12-31 Volcano Art Contest Announcement

2021-12-29 BANAcademy Awards 2021 Results

2021-12-28 Community Event: FUUURRY XMAS

2021-12-28 BANANO AMA with Kucoin Italia 

2021-12-27 A Year in Review – 2021 in the BANANO-verse

2021-12-24 Merry Christmas to the Best Community

2021-12-23 BANANO X-Mas Bango

2021-12-21 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) Updates — December 2021

2021-12-20 BANANO Xmas Banornament Event

2021-12-19 BANANO Community Call #8

2021-12-18 BANAcademy Awards Voting Round 2 Announcement

2021-12-16 BANANO Community Event: Fest-oon-tree

2021-12-15 Featured BANANO Community Project: Jungle TV (Earn BANANO and NFTs by watching videos)

2021-12-15 BANANO is now included at (Twitter Announcement)

2021-12-12 Ban Feast 2021 Announcement

2021-12-12 BANAcademy Awards Round 2 voting is open

2021-12-10 BANANO Holiday Poker Tourney Announcement

2021-12-09 BANANO Monthly Update #44 (December 2021)

2021-12-08 Last day to vote in the 2021 BANAcademy Awards Round 1

2021-12-07 Trivia: Dungeons & Banano

2021-12-06 19 Million BANANO offer to Binance, Kucoin, Bittrex, FTX, Kraken, Coinbase, Huobi and

2021-12-05 NFT Airdrop for wBAN — 6 Month Anniversary

2021-12-03 New Black Monkey Faucet Game beta round (Discord)

2021-12-01 cryptomonKeys Update #30: The monKeystacks X-Mas Calendar is Here!

November 2021

2021-11-29 BANANO is now listed on

2021-11-25 Update: Kalium. 2.3.4 is out!

2021-11-23 Featured BANANO Community Project: Dungeons & BANANO

2021-11-23 JungleTV is proud to announce a cryptomonKeys collaboration!

2021-11-22 Community Event: BANANO Writer’s Contest — Why Banano? (BAN+NFT prizes!)

2021-11-22 Wrapped Banano (wBAN) — 6 Month Anniversary & Updates

2021-11-21 BAN FAM Community Call #7 Recap

2021-11-18 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) Bridges Rekt — Epilogue

2021-11-12 Community Event: Dungeons & Banano: Art Contest

2021-11-12 2021 Banano Community Survey — Tell us What You Think!

2021-11-11 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) Bridges Rekt — Post-Mortem

2021-11-11 2021 BANAcademy Awards List

2021-11-09 wBAN Bridges have been restarted!

2021-11-08 BANANO is now listed on BigOne Swapbox

2021-11-05 BANANO is now listed on exchange

2021-11-05 wBAN bridges are down for maintenance

2021-11-05 BANANO is a Top Polygon project

2021-11-03 Community Event: Banano’s Got Talent: Season 2

2021-11-03 BANANO Monthly Update #43 (November 2021)

2021-11-01 BANANO was unbanned from r/cryptocurrency

October 2021

2021-10-31 Happy Halloween!

2021-10-31 Shout-out to Kucoin

2021-10-30 NFT Airdrop for wBAN Early Adopters

2021-10-29 cryptomonKeys Update #29: Announcing monKeystacks - a new layer of monKeyfied community-made NFTs

2021-10-28 BANANO just got new pairs and smoother tech at Vitex Exchange!

2021-10-26 Thanksgiving WizardFEST w/ CryptomonKeys and 19,019 BANANO in Prizes!

2021-10-24 Community event: Boo Bash: Costume & Makeup Contest

2021-10-22 Freely Distributed BANANO-themed NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #28

2021-10-22 And another new community-made BANANO faucet: BananoDrip

2021-10-21 Community Event: Spooky BANGO: New Moon

2021-10-21 New community-made BANANO faucet

2021-10-20 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) Updates (SushiSwap & PancakeSwap Farms) — October 2021

2021-10-20 Community event: Dungeons & Banano: University

2021-10-15 BANANO Monthly Update #42 (October 2021)

2021-10-15 BANANO Monthly Update #41 (September 2021)

2021-10-15 Daily Peel Fan Art: I’m Here to Tell You About The Great Pampkin

2021-10-14 Uplift World Event Results

2021-10-14 BANANO Pet Event: Furry Halloween

2021-10-10 Update: Current state of the Network

2021-10-08 BANANO Worldwide Event Results [2021]

2021-10-07 Community Project: JungleTV Update

2021-10-06 Article: Celebrating 1 year of cryptomonKeys!

2021-10-05 BANANO Community Event: Hallowmeme Dance and Draw

2021-10-04 BANANO Community Event: Graveyard Party Mask Contest

2021-10-03 BANANO Sundays: BANFam Community Calls

September 2021

2021-09-30 Community Event Announcement: Halloween Emoji Design Contest

2021-09-24 wBAN (BSC) Maintenance Update

2021-09-21 Update: The Banano Network is Currently Having Issues

2021-09-21 Community Built: Nano/Banano ATM prototype 

2021-09-19 1 year cryptomonKeys Party and NFT pack release 

2021-09-19 Bango Sept 19th Event Announcement

2021-09-17 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) Updates — New PancakeSwap farm and changes to SushiSwap farm

2021-09-16 BANANO Minecraft Uplift World Build-off

2021-09-13 Freely Distributed BANANO-themed NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #27

2021-09-13 BANANO Community Event: Emmys 2021

2021-09-11 BANANO Poker Tournament Announcement

2021-09-08 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) is now Live on Polygon and SushiSwap!

2021-09-06 BANANO x BINGUS Charity Vote

2021-09-05 CryptoRoyale Tournament Announcement (9500 BANANO Prize Pool)

2021-09-06 Vault Web Wallet Maintenance Update

2021-09-04 Reminder to withdraw BAN funds from Twitter and Telegram tipbots

2021-09-04 Support BANANO to be integrated into Pasino

2021-09-03 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) is now on 1inch!

2021-09-04 RPAN streaming now live on BANANO subreddit – first stream going viral

2021-09-02 Banano Community Event: MTV VMA’s 2021

August 2021

20210828 BANANO Worldwide Event Announcement

20210827 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) update for August 28, 2021 to September 25, 2021

20210824 Banano Community Event: Blitz Chess Tournament Announcement

20210819 Freely Distributed BANANO-themed NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #26

20210819 BANANO Monthly Update #40 (August 2021)

20210811 Community Project: Dungeons and BANANO Announcement

20210811 BANANO is now on Everipedia

20210806 BANANO Minecraft – Community Project Announcement

20210801 wBAN Prize Pool Launches!

July 2021

20210722 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) update for July 31, 2021 to August 28, 2021

20210722 Community Project: IMalFect’s Faucet (Background)

20210721 To The Moon and Back: Moonshot video released

20210720 BANANO Community Call #2 (Anchor/Spotify)

20210718 BANANO Rocket League 1v1 Tournament Announcement

20210718 BANANO Space Trivia Night Announcement

20210717 Freely Distributed BANANO-themed NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #25

20210716 BANANO Monthly Update #39 (July 2021)

20210713 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) Comic Contest Announcement

20210705 BANANO Community Calls Announcement

20210702 BANANO-themed NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #24: How To Get Free NFTs

20210701 Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) on Binance Smart Chain Update

June 2021

20210618 Freely distributed BANANO-themed NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #23 - monKeymining, monKeymiles & monKeyslots

20210605 BANANO Goes DeFi: Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) is now available on the Binance Smart Chain, and can now be traded on ApeSwap!

20210603 BANANO Community Event: Predict Copa America & UEFA Euro

20210602 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #22 - How to Get Free cryptomonKeys NFTs

20210601 BANANO Monthly Update #38 (June 2021)

May 2021

20210528 Community Event: Disco Inferno Dance and Draw

20210527 Video by Coinex: What is BANANO?

20210526 BANANO Monthly Update #37 (May 2021). Special: BANANO Bday & 973M BAN Burn Recap!

20210526 BANANO Monthly Update #36 (April 2021)

20210525 BANANO is TxBit Coin of the Month

20210522 Article: CoinEx Institution: Possibly the Next Dogecoin? Banano Stands Out

20210521 BANANO’s Web Wallet BananoVault just got a major facelift!

20210520 Community Event: Guess the Song!

20210520 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #21: monKeymining Update (Earn NFTs by Playing Alien Worlds!)

20210516 MonKeyslots - Earn BANANO by Owning cryptomonKeys NFTs!

20210515 BANANO Community Event: 2021 Billboard Music Awards & Radio Hits Party (20k BAN in Prizes!)

20210513 The Banano subreddit has just hit 19k subscribers!

20210513 Mr. G and #Banano in the Class (Keyword: Crypto Podcast)

20210512 Community Event: Star Wars Trivia

20210511 Community Event: BANter Chess Tournament

20210511 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #20: monKeymining Update and Outlook

20210511 The creator of Dogecoin visits BANANO

20210510 Show Us What You Got! BANANO BOOSTER Announcement (Hackathon + project funding for Banano&Nano)

20210510 BANANO Airdrop to Nano Holders Rolling Out

20210504 BANANO Contest: Wrap That Potassium (25k BAN Prize Pool!)

20210504 wBAN – DeFi on Binance Smart Chain

20210501 BANANO on Keyword: Crypto Podcast

April 2021

20210429 BANANO and cryptomonKeys appearing on the Upland Action News show!

20210427 Video: BANANO turned 3 and is listed on Coinex!

20210426 BANANO is now on CoinEx Exchange (2 Million BAN Airdrop)

20210425 Exchange Listing: BANANO To Be Listed on Coinex!

20210421 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #19: Month 7 Recap & monKeymining Update

20210420 BananoMiner (Earn Crypto by Supporting Medical Research) Update: BANANO is now the #1 Contributing Team!

20210419 MonKeys Could Be Seeing BANANO Merch Again SoonTM

20210417 Development Update: “Wrapped” BANANO on Binance Smart Chain

20210416 BANANO Community Event: The Oscars 2021 (40k BAN +cryptomonKeys NFTs prizes!)

20210415 Bebe’s BANGO Bash (20k BANANO prize pool!)

20210412 BananoCombat - Fight for BANANO in Minecraft!

20210410 BANANO was added to BC.Game!

20210407 cryptomonKeys Update #18: monKeymining - Earn NFTs by Playing Alien Worlds (now on Binance!)

20210402 The Daily Peel: A year in stats

20210402 The Daily Peel Celebrates 1 Year Making Headlines

20210401 BANANO is Altcoin of the Day at r/altcoin

20210401 BANANO AMA at r/AltStreetBets

20210401 BANANO Airdrop to Nano Holders Update (April 1, 2021)

20210401 Announcing a New Economic Model for BANANO Distribution (April Fools!)

20210401 Happy 3rd Banniversary BANANO! (commemorative cryptomonKeys NFT was given out today for free)

March 2021

20210331 BANANO is Turning 3! Join the Birthday Party on April 1st!

20210327 BANANO Pet Carnivals Event Results

20210325 cryptomonKeys Update #17: monKeymining - Earn NFTs by Playing the Game Alien Worlds

20210322 The new BANANO Reddit TipBot is active!

20210320 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #16: Month 6 Recap & Party Invite for YOU!

20210318 BANANO Masquerade Party Event Results

20210314 BananoMiner (Folding@Home) Rewards Update

20210312 BANANO Distribution/Airdrop Update #9: BANANO Airdrop at Txbit (1 Million BAN) and Youtube Giveaway

20210311 cryptomonKeys Update #15: monKeymining - Earn NFTs by Playing the Game Alien Worlds

20210310 BANANO Update & Airdrop Report #8

20210310 Youtube: 1000 Subscribers: Taking off! Giveaway inside!

20210310 Reddit ‘Read to the end’ airdrop

20210309 10k subscribers on Reddit!

20210309 Reddit ‘199 upvotes’ airdrop

20210305 BANANO Monthly Update #35 (March 2021)

20210304 BANANO Community Event: 2021 Grammys & Listening Party (40k BAN + NFTs Prize Pool!)

20210301 BANANO Airdrop (1 Million BAN) at Txbit

20210301 Update about BANANO at Mercatox

20210301 BANANO Merchandise added to NanoshopUK

February 2021

20210228 BANANO Monthly Update #34 (February 2021)

20210227 cryptomonKeys Update #14: monKeymining - Earn NFTs by Playing the Game Alien Worlds

20210223 BananoNanoNault Announcement (How to access Banano on a Ledger hardware wallet)

20210222 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #13: Month 5 Recap

20210221 BANANO Pet Carnivals Event Announcement (30k BAN Prize Pool!)

20210221 Crypto Forum VN AMA Recap

20210220 BANANO Masquerade Party (50k BAN+NFTs Prizes)

20210218 New BANANO Airdrop to All Nano Holders with Non-Custodial Nano Wallets!

20210217 cryptomonKeys Update #12: Alien Worlds x cryptomonKeys collab: New Cards are Here!

20210215 BANANO Airdrop to Nano Holders

20210213 cryptomonKeys Update #11: Earn NFTs by Playing Alien Worlds (NFT Mining+Staking)

20210213 Airdrop to Nano Holders

20210210 Monkey Love: A BANANO Musical Production (Karaoke + 50k BANANO prize pool)

20210207 cryptomonKeys Update #10: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by Playing Alien Worlds!

January 2021

20210130 cryptomonKeys Update #9: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by Playing Alien Worlds!

20210129 BANANO Monthly Update #33 (January 2021)

20210124 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #8: Alien Worlds monKeymining and Staking Update!

20210121 BANANO Trading League Round 4 (50k BAN + cryptomonKeys NFT Prizes)

20210120 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #7: Month 4 Recap

20210118 cryptomonKeys BANGO!

20210117 The Weekly Peel #21 - BANANO Community Update

20210116 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #6: Mine cryptomonKey NFTs in AlienWorlds!

20210116 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 11: BANANO Explorer (Creeper)

20210112 BANANO Worldwide Event Results

20210111 BananoJobs Airdrop Report #7: BAN+cryptomonKey NFTs December Airdrops Sent!

20210111 Let’s Get BANANO on Kucoin!

December 2020

20201224 Merry Christmas!

20201223 BANANO Video Interview/AMA with Oops

20201222 December Airdrops: BANANO Airdrop & free cryptomonKeys NFTs to all Twitter users!

20201222 Christmas Together: A BANANO Musical Production!

20201220 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #5: Month 3 Recap

20201219 December Airdrops: BANANO Airdrop & free cryptomonKeys NFTs to all Reddit users!

20201218 December Airdrops: BANANO Airdrop & free cryptomonKeys NFTs to all LBRY users!

20201214 BANANO Trading League Round 3 (50k BAN + cryptomonKeys NFT Prizes)

20201211 December Airdrops: BANANO Airdrop & free cryptomonKeys NFTs to ALL Publish0x users!

20201209 What If You Were President of BANANO? Event Results!

20201204 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #4: Committed to Charity

20201203 Claim Your Daily XMAS Gifts (BANANO and cryptomonKeys NFTs)

20201202 BANANO Monthly Update #32 (December 2020)

November 2020

20201130 Exchange Listing: BANANO is now on Altilly!

20201128 First-Ever Created BANANO-themed NFT sells for $700+

20201126 BANANO Chess Tournament (50k BANANO Prize Pool!)

20201124 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 10: cryptomonKeys (BANANO NFTs)

20201122 BANANO Worldwide - Event Announcement

20201120 Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #3: Month 2 Recap & FAQ

20201117 BananoJobs Update and Airdrop Report #6

20201115 The Weekly Peel #20 — BANANO Community Update

20201112 Free BANANO NFTs! cryptomonKeys Update #2

20201112 BANANO Halloween Emoji Design Contest Results

20201111 BANANO Monthly Update #31 (November 2020)

20201106 What If You Were President? BANANO and NFT prizes!

October 2020

20201021 Free BANANO NFTs! cryptomonKeys Update #1: Recap, TG Airdrop & monKeyfarm!

20201021 BANANO Halloween Events are Coming: Announcing Bananoween Karaoke!

20201014 Halloween monKey Design Contest (BANANO and NFT prizes)!

20201012 BANANO Halloween Emoji Design Contest Announcement

20201010 BANANO Trading League at CryptoLeagues Round 2 Announcement (50k BAN)

20201007 BANANO Monthly Update #30 (October 2020)

20201003 BANANO Airdrop to VITE Community Announcement

September 2020

20200926 The Weekly Peel #19 - BANANO Community Update

20200925 Gods Unchained Welcome Set Tournament Announcement (60k BANANO prize pool!)

20200923 BANANO Story2Image Faucet Round 2 Recap

20200919 Free BANANO NFTs are Here! MonKeyprinter go BRRR!

20200913 BananoJobs Update and Airdrop Report #5 (Uptrennd Airdrop Paid)

20200911 BANANO Story2Image Faucet Round 2 Announcement

20200908 BananoJobs Update and Airdrop Report #4 (Publish0x Airdrop Paid)

20200906 BananoJobs Update and Airdrop Report #3 (LBRY Airdrop Paid)

20200905 The All-New MonKey is Here  - Your Visual BANANO Address Representative!

20200905 Reminder: These BANANO Airdrops Are About To End!

20200904 The Weekly Peel #18 - BANANO Community Update

20200901 BANANO Monthly Update #29 (September 2020)

August 2020

20200830 BananoJobs Update and Airdrop Report #2

20200827 BANANO Story2Image Faucet Round 1 Recap

20200827 BANANO Trading League Round 1 Rewards Paid!

20200826 Create a BANANO Invitation Card Contest - The Results!

20200825 BANANO x Vite Labs Partnership Announcement

20200824 Join these Ongoing BANANO Airdrops & Easily Claim Your Share of 600k BAN!

20200823 The Weekly Peel #17 — BANANO Community Update

20200822 Official BananoJob #10: BANANO Airdrop to all Uptrennd users

20200821 Introducing the Story2Image Faucet - Earn BANANO for Being Creative

20200816 Official BananoJob #9: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users

20200815 Recap: BANANO World Real-Life Crypto Hunting Game

20200815 BANANO is now included on

20200814 Official BananoJob #8: BANANO Airdrop at Twitter

20200814 BANANO included in Price Tracker

20200814 BANANO feature and giveaway by Uptrennd Africa community

20200811 Official BananoJob #7: BANANO Airdrop to all LBRY users

20200810 BANANO Ecosystem Spotlight #2: Kalium, BANANO’s Mobile Wallet

20200808 The Weekly Peel #16: BANANO Community Update

20200804 Community event: Bebe’s BANGO Bash

20200803 BananoJobs Update and Airdrop Report #1

20200802 BANANO Monthly Update #28 (August 2020)

20200801 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 9: BANANO Going Tiktok

July 2020

20200731 The Weekly Peel #15 - BANANO Community Update

20200729 Reminder: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x Users Ends in 2 Days!

20200729 10k BANANO Giveaway at Tiktok

20200726 The Weekly Peel #14 - BANANO Community Update

20200725 Announcing the BANANO Invitation Card Contest (50k BAN Prize Pool!)

20200724 Earning $BAN with BananoMiner? Check out BananoMiner Watch!

20200722 No TikTok Monkey Business for Banano (feature in

20200721 BANANO is (not) Here for a Pump on Tiktok

20200721 ‘Banano […] is vastly outperforming Nano’

20200718 Last Chance! These BANANO Airdrops Will End Shortly!

20200712 The Weekly Peel #13- BANANO Community Update

20200711 Official BananoJob #6: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

20200710 2500 Publish0x subscribers giveaway

20200709 Reminder: BANANO Cooking Contest Ending Soon!

20200706 BANANO x CryptoLeagues: Join the BANANO Trading League (50k BAN)

20200705 A Real-World Crypto Hunting Game: Banano World (Brussels, July 18th)

20200704 The Weekly Peel #12- BANANO Community Update

20200703 BANANO Monthly Update #27 (July 2020)

20200702 BANANO wins My Altcoins PoA Gold Medal

June 2020

20200629 BANANO To Be Listed on HitBTC Exchange!

20200628 Due to Popular Demand: Vite Airdrop Round 3 - Claim Your Share of 3 Million BANANO!

20200627 Vote for BANANO at Twitter (Giveaways Inside!)

20200627 The Weekly Peel #11 - BANANO Community Update

20200626 Official BananoJob #5: BANANO Airdrop at Twitter (200k BAN Total)

20200625 Official BananoJob #4: BANANO Airdrop at Uptrennd (100k BAN Total)

20200624 The Voice of BANANO Announcement (100k BAN Prize Pool!)

20200622 R.I.P. POKÉCORD Bingo Game (50k BANANO Prize Pool!)

20200622 Vote for BANANO at this HitBTC exchange community voting!

20200620 The Weekly Peel #10 - BANANO Community Update

20200619 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 8: The BANANO Discord Chat Server

20200618 BANANO Cooking Contest Announcement

20200613 The Weekly Peel #9 - BANANO Community Update

20200608 BANANO Wins ‘Best Community’ Award at Blockchain Awards 2020

20200607 The Weekly Peel #8 - BANANO Community Update

20200606 BANANO Ecosystem Spotlight #1: The BANANO Discord Chat Server

20200604 Official BananoJob #3: Find a BANANO Faucet Game Dev (500k BAN!)

20200603 Official BananoJob #2: Join BananoJobs at Reddit

20200601 BANANO Monthly Update #26 (June 2020)

May 2020

20200531 Black Monkey Faucetgame Round 39 Announcement

20200530 Official BananoJob #1: BANANO Airdrop at Uptrennd (50k BAN Total)

20200530 BananoJobs: Relaunch of BANANO’s Platform for Microtasks and Bounties

20200529 The Weekly Peel #7 — BANANO Community Update

20200527 What if I Told You this Cryptocurrency is Used by Elementary School Kids? 😮

20200522 The Weekly Peel #6 – BANANO Community Update

20200519 BANANO Writers Contest Winner Announcement

20200519 Black Monkey Faucetgame Round 38 Announcement

20200518 BananoMarket - Trade Goods and Services for BANANO

20200516 BANANO Featured in ‘The Bitcoin and Crypto Podcast’

20200515 The Weekly Peel #5 — BANANO Community Update

20200514 Announcing BANANOjs 2.0.5 - JavaScript Utilities for BANANO (and now NANO!)

20200511 BANANO Just Hit 10 Million Blocks on Bitcoin Halving Day!

20200510 Black Monkey Faucetgame Round 37 Announcement

20200509 BANANO Mobile Wallet Update -  Kalium v2.1.3 Released

20200508 The Weekly Peel #4 - BANANO Community Update

20200508 BANANO is nominated at the Blockchain Awards as ‘Best Community’

20200507 Like Bingo? You’ll Love BANGO! Free and Fun to Play

20200502 The Weekly Peel #3 - BANANO Community Update

20200502 ‘BANANO Bites’ Episode 7: Camo BANANO

20200501 BANANO Privacy Layer: CAMO BANANO Light Wallet Released!

20200501 BANANO Monthly Update #25 (May 2020)

April 2020

20200428 Last Call: BANANO Writers Contest ends on Saturday! 100k BANANO Prize Pool!

20200427 Black Monkey Faucetgame Round 36 Announcement

20200425 The Weekly Peel #2 — BANANO Community Update 

20200424 BoomPow v2.0.3 Released! Earn BANANO by Providing Proof of Work to (BA)NANO Services!

20200420 Call for all Crypto Word Artists: BANANO Writers Contest!

20200419 The Weekly Peel #1 - BANANO Community Update

20200418 You like Bingo? You’ll love Soggy Birthday BANGO! Free Crypto for Everyone!

20200415 Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 35 Announcement

20200411 BANANO Birthday Party 🥳🥳 and Easter Update

20200409 Eggcited about Easter? Join these BANANO Easter Events and Get Free Crypto!

20200407 Shout-Out to ‘The Daily Peel ’- A Fun & Interactive Crypto Community Project for Everyone!

20200407 BANANO celebrates 3019 subscribers at Uptrennd

20200406 BANANO featured in Crypto Basic Podcast

20200404 BANANO Monthly Update #24 (April 2020)

20200403 Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 34 Announcement

20200403 BANANO Post Party Hangover Network Issues Resolved

20200402 BANANO has Burned 191,919,191 $BAN

20200401 2 Years BANANO – Birthday Party at the BANANO Discord

March 2020

20200331 BANANO Highlights: Celebrating 2 Years of Uniquely Free & Fair Crypto Distribution

20200325 Play ‘Black Monkey’ and Earn Free Crypto - Round 33 Just Started!

20200319 Bored at Home? Play ‘Black Monkey’ and Get Paid in Crypto — Round 32 Announcement

20200317 BANANO Now Listed on Atomars Exchange Following 5th Exchange Community Vote Win!

20200315 Here’s How YOU Can Help Fight Coronavirus - and You’ll Even Get Crypto Rewards!

20200311 Watch & Play: TriggerHaven’s Weekly Twitch BANANO Faucet

20200310 Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 31 Announcement

20200308 BANANO Razzie Awards 2020: Predict the Razzies and Win Crypto

20200307 BANANO Monthly Update #23 (March 2020)

20200305 Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 30 Announcement

20200304 BANANO Airdrop to all Uptrennd Users Completed!

20200302 Vite Airdrop Round 2 Due to Popular Demand: Claim Your Share of 5 Million BANANO!

20200301 BANANO Succeeds in 2 Community Votes! +Reminder: Claim Your Uptrennd Airdrop!

February 2020

20200228 BANANO League of Legends Tournament (100k BAN prize pool!)

20200227 BANANO Airdrop and Vote at Uptrennd – Brief Statement

20200226 More than 1 BILLION BANANO in circulation!

20200225 Finals are UP! Vote for BANANO at Uptrennd and Claim Your BANANO Airdrop!

20200224 BANANO Wins Atomars Exchange Community Voting

20200224 Black Monkey Round 29 Announcement

20200223 The BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x Users Has Now Been Completed!

20200222 Announcing a BANANO Airdrop to all Uptrennd Users! 50k BANANO Prize Pool!

20200221 Reminder: BANANO Airdrop to Publish0x Users Ends Today

20200220 Valentine’s BANGO, the Free to Play Emoji Bingo Game! 80k BANANO in Prizes!

20200217 Black Monkey Round 28 Announcement

20200214 The BANANO Blog at Publish0x now has 1000 Followers! Publish0x-Exclusive Giveaway!

20200213 Join BANANO Cupid’s Karaoke: Enjoy Live Performances - Get Free Crypto!

20200212 BANANO Won Ataix Exchange Community Voting and was listed with EUR and BTC pairs (+ 1 Million BAN Airdrop)!

20200211 BANANO is now on Ataix Exchange!

20200210 ‘Black Monkey’ Faucet Game Round 27 Announcement

20200209 Vite Wallet Airdrop Reminder: Claim Your Share of 5 Million BANANO

20200205 - A New Community Project Accepting BANANO Payments

20200204 BANANO Valentine’s Day Emoji Contest Announcement (30,000 $BAN Prize Pool!)

20200203 BANANO Giveaway: Predict the OSCARS Results and Get Free BANANO!

20200203 Vote for BANANO at Atomars Exchange community voting!

20200202 BANANO Monthly Update #20 (February 2020)

January 2020

20200131 BANANO now has a channel on LBRY

20200131 ‘Black Monkey’ Faucet Game Round 26 Announcement

20200125 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 6: Not Your Keys, Not Your Coin!

20200123 ‘Black Monkey’ Round 25 Announcement - Earn Free Coins by Playing BANANO’s Popular Faucet Game!

20200122 BANANO included as tracked listing on CoinmarketCap!

20200121 BANANO x Vite: 5 Million BANANO Airdrop to Vite Wallet App Users & AMA Recap

20200120 Beta-Test of BANANO’s new faucet game ‘King Of The Jungle’

20200120 Watching the GRAMMYs? Why not earn Crypto while doing so?

20200119 Launched – Buy BANANO Merch and Other Stuff – With BANANO!

20200119 BANANO Monthly Update #19 (January 2020)

20200117 AMA BANANO x Vite Telegram Group (500k BANANO prizes!)

20200116 BANANO is Getting Listed on Vitex Exchange (+Telegram AMA & Airdrop)!

20200115 BANANO about to be listed at Vitex Exchange

20200115 Black Monkey Round 24 Announcement

20200107 Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 23 is online!

20200106 BANANO is now trading at exchange

20200105 BANANO Fountain: A new Visualizer for New BANANO transactions!

20200102 BANANO is Getting Listed at exchange

December 2019

20191231 BANANO Wishes a Happy New Year 2020!

20191224 Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from BANANO

20191220 Black monkey Round 22 is online!

20191219 Airdrop: Get your share of 1 MILLION BANANO in this community voting!

20191218 The 2019 BANACADEMY Awards are Finally Here! Join the Ceremony!

20191217 ‘Without the Headache’: BANANO Article Featured as Hackernoon Top Story!

20191216 BANANO Adaptation of ‘Hodlor’ Meme on r/cc Front Page

20191215 Introducing Pippin - High Performance, Production-ready Developer Wallet for Banano and Nano!

20191214 Alpha Release of CAMO Banano Light Wallet

20191213 Faucet Game: Black Monkey Round 21 Announcement

20191212 BANANO Advent Calendar Half-Time Update

20191211 BANANO Monthly Update December 2019

20191209 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 5: How to Trade BANANO’

20191208 BANANO is now live on Hedge.Events

20191203 Black Monkey Round 20 Announcement

20191201 XMAS in BANANO announcement – 500k $BAN prizes!

20191201 $BAN Whale Watch: Follow big BANANO transactions

November 2019

20191130 BANANO featured at

20191129 BANANO is now accepted at

20191127 BANANO to be listed at ViteXExchange!

20191127 Black Monkey Round 19 Announcement

20191123 BANANO Party this Sunday! Music Trivia and BanJam 3.0 – 100k BAN prizes!

20191118 Black Monkey Round 18 Announcement

20191115 Exchchange Listing: BANANO was listed at Unnamed.Exchange

20191115 BANANO wins Community Vote

20191112 BANANO Winning Hedge.Events Community Vote

20191111 BANANO Monthly Update November 2019

20191107 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 4: BananoMiner

20191106 Banano Faucet Game Round 17 Announcement

20191105 Vote for BANANO to be added to

20191103 BoomPow Client version 2.0.2 released

October 2019

20191031 BANANO Halloween Greetings

20191023 BANANO Spooky Halloween Competitions! 300k BANANO prizes!

20191018 SNAP! 22000 inactive members were kicked from the BANANO chat server

20191016 Black Monkey Round 16 Announcement

20191016 Vote for BANANO at (Giveaway inside)!

20191014 BoomPow 2.0.1 Released – now with MacOS support!

20191012 BANANO GOT Talent Contest – Winner announcement

20191011 BoomPoW 2.0 Released – Upgrade Your Clients!

20191006 BANANO Monthly Update October 2019

September 2019

20190926 Banano Royale - Relaunch of BANANO’s Game Server

20190924 Announcing BoomPoW -Earn BANANO by Providing Proof of Work to (BA)NANO Services

20190923 ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 3: Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

20190923 BANANO application for Coinmarketcap – Giveaway

20190907 Introducing the first “BANANO’s GOT TALENT” Contest!

20190906 BANANO Heroes – Creative Drawing Contest Announcement

20190905 Here’s Episode 2 of ‘Banano Bites’ — Our Freshly Launched BANANO Video Series

20190903 BANANO Monthly Update September 2019

August 2019

20190827 Twitter #BananaLoversDay Giveaway

20190823 ‘Banano Bites’ – Twitter Giveaway

20190823 Introducing ‘Banano Bites’ — Our new Educational Video Series!

20190822 BANANO ‘What’s in the Box Competition’ – Food Edition

20190818 BananoJobs: A Simple Platform Using BANANO Payments for Microtasks and Bounties

20190816 BANANO Releases Meme-Rich, Interactive and Animated Yellowpaper!

20190812 Two New Projects Using BANANO: and

20190812 BANANO is now included on

20190811 BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 15 Announcement

20190808 BANANO Airdrop to qTrade users

20190808 TriggerHaven MarbleRace BANANO Giveaway at Twitch

20190806 Illustration Contest Announcement: Create a BANANO Mascot!

20190805 ‘Draw ’em All’ BANANO Pokémon Contest Results Announcement

20190802 BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 14 Announcement

20190801 BANANO Monthly Update August 2019

July 2019

20190731 Community-Made Video: How to Mine BANANO (+Twitter Giveaway)

20190730 Earn Free Crypto: BANANO Meme Faucet Round 19 Announcement!

20190730 ‘Create a Pokémon for BANANO’ Contest Update

20190729 BANANO ‘Burn’ Twitter Giveaway

20190729 BANANO Accepted for Payments on

20190728 Weekly BANANO Puzzle Announcement

20190728 BANANO Now Becomes Deflationary! Announcement of a ‘Buy-Back & Burn Scheme’

20190726 BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 13 about to start (24 hours only)!

20190723 A Wild Crypto Contest Appeared! Create a Pokémon for BANANO!

20190721 15k BANANO Puzzle

20190720 Exchange Listing: BANANO is now on qTrade!

20190719 New Proof-of-Concept Community Project:

20190718 BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 12 is live (24 hours only)!

20190717 BANANO has now an official BitcoinTalk ANN Thread

20190717 Reminder: The BANANO airdrop to NANO holders is still live!

20190717 BAN-Jam 2.0 – Music Trivia and Jam Session with DJ Soggy! BANANO Party!

20190716 BANANO is now on Blockfolio Signal

20190715 BANANO finished 4th on Kucoin voting, TOP 5 are considered

20190713 Vote for BANANO at Kucoin (1 Million BANANO Giveaway!)

20190713 Retweet for a chance to win 66,666 $BANANO!

20190711 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 18 Announcement

20190709 Black Monkey Round 11 will continue on July 10

20190704 Independence Day Twitter Giveaway

20190701 BANANO Monthly Update July 2019

June 2019

20190630 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 17 Announcement

20190629 BANANO Formal Wear Contest Announcement

20190628 Kalium v2.0.9 Release

20190626 BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 11 announcement

20190619 BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 10 announcement

20190616 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 16 Announcement

20190615 Official Update: Twitter Tipbot, Bitmesh Delisting, 100k BANANO Giveaway

20190613 BANANO Short Story Contest

20190610 Introducing Camo BANANO – BANANO’s Privacy Layer!

20190610 BANANO Twitter Giveaway “1919”

20190608 Faucet Games online: Black Monkey Round 9 and Meme Faucet Round 15

20190607 BANANO giveaway by

20190606 BANANO and NANO to be listed at Qtrade exchange

20190606 Twitter Giveaway: Follow BANANO at Facebook

20190605 BANANO has now 1000+ followers at Instagram – Twitter Giveway

20190604 Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 8 Announcement

20190604 ‘Follow us at Instagram’ Twitter Giveaway

20190603 The BANANO Airdrop to Dogecoin Holders was just sent out!

20190602 “Mind Blown” Twitter Giveaway

20190601 BANANO Monthly Update June 2019

May 2019

20190530 BANANO included in list of Top 10 Microcap Hidden Gems

20190528 BANANO finishes on first place in Qtrade community vote

20190527 Black Monkey Round 7 announcement

20190527 Exposed Seed Leak compensation claim website online

20190524 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 14 has started

20190524 Nanogames 100k BANANO Giveaway

20190523 BANANO Dance Contest Announcement

20190522 The BANANO Telegram Group has now 3000+ members

20190520 BANANO featured in community-made youtube video

20190519 Support BANANO at the QTRADE Exchange Community Vote

20190518 What’s in the Box competition – Cinema Edition

20190518 BANANO-inspired papertoy included at Rare Art Fest in NYC

20190516 Team BANANO reached the All-Time Top 20 at Folding@Home

20190514 BANANO Comic Strip Competition Announcement

20190514 Kalium is now listed on ProductHunt!

20190513 BANANO Miner – 1 Month Recap

20190513 Publish0x features BANANO in major recap and case study

20190511 Meme Faucet Round 13 Announcement

20190510 Kalium v2.0.6 released

20190508 BANANO Telegram Game Room Event 1 announcement

20190506 Kalium/Natrium Update: New/Rewritten Server Backend Deployed

20190506 BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 6 about to start

20190505 Bananominer Faucet leads monthly folding@home ranking

20190504 Star Wars Day Twitter Giveaway

20190503 BANANO Twitter Giveaway: Join BANANO at Telegram!

20190502 BANANO Social Media Channel Recap May 2019

April 2019

20190424 Overview about all BANANO exchanges and trading pairs

20190421 BANANO Faucet Overview now on

20190420 The BANANO Easter Egg Hunt – Happy Easter!

20190418 BANANO Trading Competition at QBTC with 3 M BANANO prizes

20190415 BANANO is now listed at QBTC with USDT and CNYT pairs

20190415 BANANO now has a new Tipbot for both Telegram and Twitter

20190412 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 12 has started

20190412 The New BANANO Miner: Earn BANANO by Contributing to Medical Research

20190409 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 11 payments are ready

20190409 BANANO Airdrop to NANO Holders Announcement

20190407 BANANO has been listed at Bitmesh

20190406 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 11 has started!

20190403 BANANO Social Media Channel Recap April 2019

20190403 BANANO Music Trivia and Jam Session Giveaway/Contest Announcement

20190403 BANANO talks to Elon Musk about Mars Plans Tweet 1 Tweet 2

20190401 BANANO announces Dark Net Meme Market

20190401 300 Million BANANO were burnt as BANANO Republic celebrated first main net anniversary

20190401 BANANO April 1 Update: Main Net Anniversary, Kalium Release & MonkeyTalks On-Chain Messaging Announcement

March 2019

20190330 Twitter Giveaway ending April 1

20190329 Update: Rapid Growth of BANANO and Latest Rise in Attention to the BANANO Miner Faucet

20190329 BANANO apparently was listed on the Korean Exchange Citex

20190328 ‘Black Monkey’ BANANO Faucet Game Round 5 about to start!

20190327 BANANO was airdropped at

20190326 The Cryptocurrency Meme of the Year goes to… BANANO!

20190324 BANANO Miner Update and Twitter Giveaway

20190322 BANANO Crane Faucet starts tomorrow!

20190321 Black Monkey Round 4 payments sent

20190321 BananoBet Reaches 15 Million Bets!

20190320 New Faucet: The BANANO Miner – Probably the best-paying CPU mining faucet ever!

20190320 Black Monkey Round 4 running for 24 hours

20190319 Banano League Of Legends Tournament #2

20190319 Bananobet about to reach 15 Million Bets!

20190317 BANANO added to

20190315 Black Monkey Round 3 Rewards paid

20190314 Black Monkey Round 3 has ended

20190313 Natrium 2.0 Beta is now available on Google Play Store!

20190311 Black Monkey (BANANO Faucet Game) Round 3 Starts on March 12!

20190310 Natrium — The NANO Mobile Wallet by BANANO — now Available on the iOS App Store!

20190309 BANANO Races at Twitch Today

20190305 BANANO Meme Faucet Round 10 has started!

20190304 BANANO is now on Cheddur! 10k BANANO Giveaway!

20190303 Monkey Match Round has ended, payments made, next Round April 6th!

20190302 Enjoy Your Weekend With BANANO!

20190302 Carnival is here – Join the BANANO CarBANival Contest!

20190302 Monkey Match is back – BANANO Faucet round starting TODAY!

20190302 15k BANANO giveaway TODAY at TriggerHaven TV

20190302 10k BANANO giveaway TODAY at DLIVE

20190301 article mentioning BANANO

20190301 Banano social media channel recap March 2019

February 2019

20190228 Meme Faucet Round 9 Payments sent

20190227 Telegram 1000 Members Tipping Party

20190226 Meme Faucet Round 9 has ended

20190225 Reminder: Monkey Match returns March 2nd

20190225 Samsung Galaxy S10 supports BANANO by default

20190223 30,000 BANANO Giveaway at TriggerHaven TV

20190223 Natrium Testflight Update: Themes and more

20190222 Kalium (Flutter) 2.0.0 (beta) now at Google Playstore

20190221 Medium Post: Happy Birthday, Banano! Join the Party!

20190219 Natrium Testflight Update

20190218 Announcement: BANANO Telegram Tipbot and New Groups Launched

20190217 Colin LeMahieu (creator of NANO) about BANANO (2018, colorized)

20190217 BANANO is now on its third exchange: Numex

20190216 BANANO about to be listed at Numex Exchange

20190216 BANANO is now included at

20190215 Announcement: Kalium released for iOS/iPhone

20190214 Banano Valentine’s Day Karaoke Contest

20190210 A Brief Introduction Into BANANO

20190210 Banano is now on Publish0x

20190209 Black Monkey Round 2 rewards sent

20190208 Banano updates included in Coingecko Beam

20190207 Meme Faucet Round 8 rewards sent

20190206 Final release of Banano Graffiti – sponsored by CFC

20190206 Natrium iOS Beta Released – TestFlight invitations sent out

20190206 Black Monkey Faucetgame Round 2 has ended

20190205 Black Monkey Faucetgame Round 2 has started

20190205 Banano Meme Faucet Round 8 has ended

20190204 Medium article: Banano: Free & Fair Crypto Distribution Through Faucet Games

20190204 TriggerHaven’s weekly Twitch schedule update

20190203 Banano Meme Faucet Round 8 has started

20190203 Natrium iOS testflight signups opened, sneak peek video inside

20190203 Medium article: Banano social media channel recap February 2019

20190203 Migration of BananoVault to new server complete

January 2019

20190131 How to Trade Banano at – Step-by-Step Guide

20190131 Banano is now listed on

20190131 Black Monkey Faucet game will return on Feb 5th

20190130 monKey Match faucet game will return on March 2nd

20190129 monKey match 01/2019 faucet round has ended

20190129 Valentine’s Day Emoji contest announcement

20190129 TriggerHaven’s weekly Twitch “Stream Banano Faucet” schedule

20190128 Doge Airdrop update by renesq

20190128 Meme Faucet Round 7 payments sent

20190127 Meme Faucet Round 7 has ended

20190126 aMAZEing BANANO race announcement

20190126 Sneak peek of BANANO’s new faucet game

20190125 Banano is now on Delta Direct

20190123 Meme Faucet Round 7 has started

20190123 Banano to be listed at exchange from Jan 31st

20190123 Support Banano to be included in Blockfolio Signal

20190122 Nos android wallet updated

20190122 Meme Faucet Round 6 has ended

20190121 Meme Faucet Round 6 has just started

20190122 TriggerHaven’s weekly Twitch Schedule, with lots of Banano giveaways

20190121 Kalium iOS beta released

20190118 BANANO’s first steemit post

20190118 TriggerHaven 10k Banano Marble Race on Twitch tonight

20190118 Instagram and Twitter Xmas giveaway rewards sent

20190116 Monkey Match will return end of January

20190116 Kalium iOS test flight signups are open

20190115 Meme Faucet Round 5 rewards have been paid

20190114 TriggerHaven Banano event announcement and twitch schedule

20190113 Banano Memefaucet Round 5 is closed

20190113 Facebook Xmas Giveaway Rewards have been sent

20190112 Banano Memefaucet Round 5 has started

20190112 Medium article: Irregular Banano Update 1

20190110 Banano Xmas Papertoy Contest results are in

20190109 iOS Kalium sneak preview

20180109 Banano Memefaucet Round 4 has ended and was paid

20190108 Banano social media channel recap January 2019

20190108 Banano Xmas Cookie Contest Results

20190107 Banano Memefaucet Round 4 has started

20190106 Mobile android wallet of Nos/Nollar also supports Banano

20190105 Banano Memefaucet Round 3 has ended and was paid

20190103 Banano Memefaucet is back online!

20190101 Happy New Year to the Banano Community

December 2018

20181226 Monkey Match Xmas Edition started

20181225 Merry Christmas!

20181224 Banano Xmas Gift Card Special

20181224 Last day of “Banano Road to Xmas” by ESKA

20181222 Banano Memefaucet Round 2 started

20181220 Nos airdrop to Banano holders

20181219 Kalium update – new feature to redeem Paper Wallets

20181215 Support Banano at the Buzzex exchange voting

20181214 Update on exchange launch date and Banano listing

20181213 Banano Food Contest Results are in and payments were sent

20181212 Banano Papertoy Contest Round 3: 2018 Xmas Edition

20181211 Medium: Banano Airdrop to Dogecoin Holders – A brief update

20181210 Banano Food-Man Contest announced

20181205 Banano Xmas Cookie Contest announced

20181205 Design update of

20181201 Banano Road to XMAS – a Crypto Xmas Calendar

November 2018

20181130 Doge Airdrop Registration closed, snapshot done

20181129 Banano Facebook page now has 500 followers

20181128 Kalium has been installed now on 1,000 active devices

20181126 Medium: Reminder to register for Banano airdrop to Dogecoin holders

20181124 Announcement of Winners: BlockToberFest “Create a Banano Video” Contest

20181123 Announcement of Winners: BlockToberFest Papertoy Contest

20181122 Banano Memefaucet is live

20181122 BlockToberFest: “Tell your BANANO story” contest wrap up

20181121 Banano Food Contest announced

20181119 Banano World Toilet Day Contest announcement

20181116 Mercatox Banano Airdrop Trading Promotion

20181115 Live footage: BANANO’s reaction towards NANO vs NANO’s reaction towards BANANO

20181114 Banano airdrop for Dogecoin holders registration is now open

20181113 Banano Sculpture Art Contest announcement

20181109 Support Nano in exchange voting

20181108 $BANANO Network Explorer (Creeper) Update

20181108 Google Deep Dream Image Contest

20181108 Banano Presskit announcement

20181107 TriggerHaven Twitch channel announcement

20181106 A brief explanation about Banano

20181104 New subReddit giveaway

20181101 Banano rebrand, new subReddit and website announcement

October 2018

20181031 BlockToberFest Day 10: monKey Match spooKey edition

20181030 BlockToberFest Day 9: Let’s play a game

20181029 Banano Youtube Channel announcement

20181029 BlockToberFest Day 8: Instagram Giveaway

20181028 BlockToberFest Day 7: Telegram Giveaway

20181028 Banano wins Numex Exchange community voting

20181027 BlockToberFest Day 6: Pet Costume Contest

20181027 Premiere of “Sell me this shitcoin”

20181026 BlockToberFest Day 5: Twitter Giveaway

20181025 BlockToberFest Day 4: Halloween Papertoy contest

20181024 BlockToberFest Day 3: Facebook Giveaway

20181023 BlockToberFest Day 2: Create a Banano Video contest

20181023 Troca Ninja Banano Airdrop to first 500 users

20181023 Banano won the txbit exchange community voting

20181022 BlockToberFest Day 1: Share your Banano story

20181020 Article: Banano Community is Reminiscent of the Early Days

20181019 Banano BlockToberFest announcement

20191015 Banano Meme Design Contest #2 Results

20181012 Kalium now has its own website

20181002 Nano Ledger now supports Banano

September 2018

20180928 Monkey Match faucet announcement

20180925 Vote for Banano at exchange

20180924 How To Trade Banano on Mercatox – Step-By-Step Guide

20180924 Banano now also has a Facebook page

20180923 Natrium beta release announcement

20180922 BANANO is now listed on Mercatox

20180921 Kalium v1.0 for Android release announcement

20180916 Rumors: Banano to be listed on Mercatox?

20180913 New Kalium feature: Contacts

August 2018

20180829 Banano Papertoy contest announcement

20180829 Banano Equestrian Island Minecraft server announcement

20180825 Kalium beta release giveaway

20180825 Kalium beta release announcement

20180821 has launched

20180821 Banano monKeys are all over the place

20180820 Article: Gamifying Crypto – The Benefits of Personalized Avatars

20180817 Banano Meme Design Contest #2

20180814 Banano Meme Design Contest #1 Results

20180812 Release of monKeys and website

20180811 A new Gorilla Enters the Jungle

20180811 Official launch of the BANANO Instagram channel (giveaway)

20180808 Banano Troca.Ninja Trading competition announcement

July 2018

20180731 Open Letter to the Nano Community

20180731 Article “Why Third Generation Cryptocurrencies Are Game-Changers for Venezuela”

20180731 Vote for Banano at CoinFalcon

20180729 Banano Meme Design Contest #1

20180728 Giveaway thread for r/cc users

20180728 Meme: Interrupting your normal transmission

20180726 How To Vote for Banano Listing at CoinEx

20180726 Support Banano at Coinex Voting

20180719 Banano Discord Game Server announcement

20180716 “BanThanos did nothing wrong” SNAP giveaway

20180715 New, up-to-date Banano FAQ online

20180714 HowToBanano’s Bantastic Banano Recap #4

20180713 has launched and how to play

20180713 BananoBet official announcement

20180711 Banano Minecraft Server launched

20180709 Banano Talent Contest announcement

20180706 Monkey Match Faucet Game event

20180704 Banano Runner 24 hour event

20180701 Banano Feedback Reddit Post

June 2018

20180630 Banano Talent Contest announcement

20180626 Banano Runner announcement

20180626 Unofficial Mobile Banano Wallet released

20180622 renesq’s unforgettable persiflage on scary “IMMEDIATELY MOVE YOUR FUNDS” tweet by @nano

20180621 Banano Telegram Group Relaunched

20180618 Weekly Developer Update & 3D Banano Runner Modelling Session

20180615 monKey Match – New Banano faucet game

20180614 Weekly Developer Update

20180613 HowToBanano’s Bantastic Banano Recap #3

20180612 Banano Airdrop to NANO holders sent (53M Banano total)

20180609 Mr Banano Contest results announcement

20180608 Sneak preview showing Banano monKey 3D

20180604 Banano reaches 1 Million blocks

20180604 Most Annoying Game of all times part 2

20180601 Banano pet contest announcement

May 2018

20180528 HowToBanano’s Bantastic Banano Recap #2

20180528 Sook it – a Banano game by joinity premiered

20180522 Miss Banano Junglo event

20180521 HowToBanano’s Discord Getting Started Guide

20180520 HowToBanano’s Bantastic Banano Recap #1

20180520 Speculation about sook it – A new Banano game?

20180518 What is Bananoplay?

20180516 monKey Youtube sneak preview

20180515 Weekly Update(tm) – monKeys

20180514 Some more tasty Banano videos on Youtube

20180513 monKey QR code giveaway by yekta

20180513 Instant & feeless Crypto Transactions with Banano

20180512 Hello Reddit, here’s an update

20180511 Waiting for the first BANANO airdrop and runner rewards

20180509 was born

20180506 Banano Runner 24 h event

20180502 Physical Banano Coin contest

20180501 BANANO:NANO discord escrow trading bot beta release

April 2018

20180430 Banano airdrop to Nano holders registration deadline

20180422 Banano Runner 24 hour event

20180416 Second Banano Runner weekend events ends

20180415 Banano Rick Fan Art

20180413 Banano Runner event April 13-16

20180413 Banano Runner is on Google Playstore

20180412 Banano airdrop to Nano holders registration starts

20180412 Twitter giveaway rewards have been sent

20180409 Twitter giveaway announcement

20180409 Banano Runner 1st Weekend Statistics

20180409 First Banano trade in history

20180407 Banano Runner faucet game this weekend

20180404 Nano blockchain snapshot & airdrop announcement

20180403 10,000 Banano Blocks processed

20180402 First public BANANO transaction

20180401 Banano Airdrop/Snapshot Announcement

20180401 End of Banano Testnet and start of mainnet

March 2018

20180321 Launch of the Discord Banano Tipbot

20180318 Launch of the Reddit Banano Tipbot

20180312 Speed comparison: Banano feasibility study results

20180305 Start of the BANANO testnet

February 2018

20180225 Banano – Don’t let your memes be dreams

20180221 Creation of the BANANO Discord Server