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The following will give a short overview about all the Telegram groups we have, Tipbot How-To further below:

Official News Channel (english)

Official Group (english)

Official Groups (local)
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BANANO Game Room

Other non-official Telegram groups using the BANANO TipBot
Banano Exchange (Spanish group helping people to trade BANANO)
DAG Discussion Group: BlockLettuce
DAG Coins Romania
Crypto Bar (Italian group)

UPDATE: The original BANANO Tipbot created by bbedward, @BANANOTipBot will retire soon and let his master focus on other projects. The creator of the NANO Tipbot, @mitche50, has now created a new BANANO Tipbot for both Telegram and Twitter, which can be directly found at Telegram as @BANANOTipperBot. and @bananotipperbot at Twitter. If you still have balances on @BANANOTipBot please make sure to withdraw all BANANO from @BANANOTipBot to @BANANOTipperBot.


How to use the BANANO Telegram TipBot:

Two important things first:

  1. Please don’t beg in our Telegram groups in any form or you might get kicked. If you show interest and contribute to the discussion someone most likely will send you some BANANO. If you are new, say so and speak up so we can help you. Any questions are welcome!
  2. Don’t store BANANO long-term on your BANANOTipBot account, only keep there what you like to use for tipping others. Make sure to store your BANANO in wallet you control, like Kalium or BananoVault. Help getting started at

Step 1: Open the chat with @BANANOTipperBot and click “Start” at the bottom. Alternatively type “/start”. You’ll then see information and help for using the bot as below:

Step 2: Register with the bot by typing “/register”. It will provide your BANANOTipBot address:

Step 3: Check your balance with “.balance”

Step 4: Now deposit some BANANO to your BANANOTipBot address and check the balance again, it’ll show up after few seconds:

Step 7: You’re all set, now just tip others as shown below or receive tips 🙂 Enjoy!

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Last but not least:

A YUGE ‘thank you’ goes to Andrew Mitchell for creating @BANANOTipperBot <3

Never forgotten: Credits to our coding god @bbedward for creating our original Telegram TipBot <3 (Github).