Papertoy Contest

Where in the world is Carmen Ban-diego?

Banano is a fast, feeless cryptocurrency that is distributed for free! If you don’t know Banano yet, check out first.

Now, Banano probably is the first cryptocurrency that has its own papertoy!

Assemble and show off Banano Papertoys and get a Banano reward!


EDIT: Contest has ended, but a new papertoy contest hopefully will come soon!


How to Participate:

  1. Download the Banano papertoy templates below. You can either use one of the pre-colored templates or modify the Blank template as you like. Or, you can use the Banoshi template for decoration! Link to PDF files (zipped in one file) and example images below.
  2. Print it & create a Banano Papertoy. Update: If you have no printer, you also can draw something and create a papertoy then.
  3. Take a photo (the more creative the better) and post it on Instagram. If you don’t have an account yet, create one and make sure you follow the official Banano instagram account, @bananocurrency.
  4. When posting, make sure you use the hashtag #bananotoy, and mention @bananocurrency, and include your Banano address (starting with ban_) in your post!
  5. Please also include this sentence: Banano Papertoy Contest – Details at:
  6. Of course you can also distribute/post your Banano Papertoy creations anywhere you like, but it must be submitted to Instagram as described above to be eligible for Banano rewards.

Rewards and Rules:

  • All unique photos will be awarded 500 Banano when all steps above were completed.
  • The 10 best and most creative papertoys will receive an additional 1000 Banano. Trusted members of the Banano Republic will be the judges for this.
  • The overall best Banano papertoy photo submission will receive an additional 10000 Banano.
  • Maximum 5 submissions per Instagram account (must be different creations and different posts!).
  • The contest will end on September 30. Submissions will be checked and rewards will be paid after the contest has ended.
  • Custom submissions created by using the blank template and more creative creations will increase your chance to win higher prizes! You could for example hand-paint those, e.g. with your kids (make sure you give them some Banano in that case)!


Papertoy Templates (ZIPPED)

Example images for assembly:

Banano Team TemplateBanandido template

Peel me softly templateBanoshi template


see some examples here at Instagram:

see some examples for papertoys in general here:


Ask them in this reddit post.

Credit for idea and design:

@bananotoy at Discord / @zuubs at Instagram /