Banano Distribution Event Status List

Here’s a list with all major contest, giveaways and games/events in context of BANANO’s ongoing free distribution. Lots of smaller events have not been listed, and the list also doesn’t mention our ongoing distribution through $BANANO rains and tips at our discord server, subreddit, Telegram groups and Twitter.

This list has been discontinued but contains all events until early 2020 for reference.

Please refer to and official Banano social media channels for up-to-date news and event archive.

Start (Year/Month)Name/LinkStatus
201910BananoJobs: Earn BANANO for BountiesOngoing, paying regularly
201904The New BANANO Miner (Fold@Home)Ongoing, paying automatically
201904MonkeyTalksOngoing, paying automatically
201903Banano Powerplant Mining PoolOngoing, paying automatically
2019071 Million $BAN Kucoin GiveawayEnded, rewards to come when BANANO is listed on Kucoin
202005Twitter Halving GiveawayRewards sent
202005Banano Bango 3Rewards sent
202005Black Monkey Round 37Rewards sent
202004Black Monkey Round 36Rewards sent
202004Black Monkey Round 35Rewards sent
202004Black Monkey Round 34Rewards sent
202003Black Monkey Round 33Rewards sent
202003Twitter Meme Tip ThreadRewards sent
202003BANANO Razzies Awards 2020Rewards sent
202003Black Monkey Round 32Rewards sent
202003Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 31Rewards sent
202003Black Monkey Round 30Rewards sent
202002Uptrennd AirdropRewards sent
202002Publish0x AirdropRewards sent
202002Black Monkey Round 29Rewards sent
202002Valentine's BangoRewards sent
202002Black Monkey Round 28Rewards sent
202002BANANO League of Legends TournamentRewards sent
202002Uptrennd Finals Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
202002Uptrennd Vote First round GiveawayRewards sent
202002Bitcoin Prediction Twitter GiveawayReward sent
202002Valentine's Day KaraokeRewards sent
202002Pied Piper AirdropRewards sent
202002Black Monkey Round 27Rewards sent
202002Valentine's Emoji ContestRewards sent
202002Predict the Oscars GiveawayRewards sent
202002Black Monkey Round 26Rewards sent
202001Vite AMA Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
202001Vite Wallet AirdropRewards sent
202001BanTipBot Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
202001Grammys GiveawayRewards sent
202001Black Monkey Round 25Rewards sent
202001Twitter Giveaway 'Noobs and Normies'Rewards sent
202001Vite AMA 500k BANANO giveawayRewards sent
202001Black Monkey Round 24Rewards sent
202001Black Monkey Round 23Rewards sent
201912Ataix AirdropRewards sent
201912Black Monkey Round 22Rewards sent
201912Black Monkey Round 21Rewards sent
201912Black Monkey Round 20Rewards sent
201912BANANO XMAS Calendar 2019Rewards sent
201912Twitter Xmas GiveawayRewards sent
201911Black Monkey Round 19Rewards sent
201911BananoMiner Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201911BanJam 3.0 BANANO PartyRewards sent
201911Black Monkey Round 18Rewards sent
201911Vote for BANANO at cryptocurrencycheckout.comRewards sent
201911Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 17Rewards sent
201910Black Monkey Round 16Rewards sent
201910Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 16Rewards sent
201910Banano Halloween 2019 eventsRewards sent
201910Bitcoin Prediction Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201909CoinmarketCap Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201908`Yellowpaper Release' Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201908Twitter Giveaway 'Banano Bites'Rewards sent
201908What's in the Box Competition 3Rewards sent
201908Twitter #BananaLoversDay GiveawayRewards sent
201908Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 15Rewards sent
201908BANANO Mascot ContestRewards sent
201908Twitch BANANO GiveawayRewards sent
201908Black Monkey Round 14Rewards sent
201907How To Mine BANANO Video (Twitter Giveaway)Rewards sent
201907'Coin burn' Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201907RT and win 66666 BANRewards sent
201907BANANO Pokémon ContestRewards sent
201907Weekly BANANO PuzzleRewards sent
201907Meme Faucet Round 19Rewards sent
201907Black Monkey FaucetGame Round 13Rewards sent
201907Black Monkey FaucetGame Round 12Rewards sent
201907Meme Faucet Round 18Rewards sent
201907Kucoin Twitter Meme GiveawayRewards sent
201907Twitter Kucoin GiveawayRewards sent
201907Independence Day Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201906Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201906Camo BANANO Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201906BANANO Short story contestRewards sent (discord)
201906Follow at FB (Twitter Giveaway)Rewards sent
201906BANANO Twitter Giveaway 1919Rewards sent
2019061000 Followers at Instagram (Twitter Giveaway)Rewards sent
201906Black Monkey Round 11Rewards sent
201906BANANO Twitter Giveaway "Mind Blown"Rewards sent
201906Meme Faucet Round 17Rewards sent
201906Faucet Game 'Black Monkey' Round 10Rewards sent
201906BANANO Meme Faucet Round 16Rewards sent
201906Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 9Rewards sent
201906Meme Faucet Round 15Rewards sent
201906Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 8Rewards sent
201905Comic Strip ContestRewards sent
201905Vote for BANANO at Qtrade!Rewards sent
201905Twitter Giveaway - Join BANANO at TelegramRewards sent
201905Twitter Telegram GiveawayRewards sent
201905Black Monkey Faucet Game Round 7Rewards sent
201905MemeFaucet Round 14Rewards sent Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201905Twitter StarWars Day GiveawayRewards sent
201905Meme Faucet Round 13Rewards sent
201904Foldingathome BANANO Miner Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201904BANANO Airdrop to NANO HoldersRewards sent
201905BANANO Game Room Event 1Rewards sent (telegram)
201904Crane FaucetRewards sent
201905Black Monkey Round 6Rewards sent
201904GOT Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201904BANANO Tipbot Twitter GivewayRewards sent (Twitter Tipbot)
201904NANO Airdrop Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201903Twitter Giveaway CZ JSRewards sent
201904Meme Faucet Round 12Payouts ready
201903Meme of the Year Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201903Banano Miner Twitter GiveawayRewards sent
201904Meme Faucet Round 11Payout ready to be requested
201903Black Monkey Round 5Rewards sent
201903Crane Faucet Round 1Rewards sent
201903Black Monkey Round 4Rewards sent
201903Banano Carbanival ContestRewards sent (discord)
201903Black Monkey Round 3Rewards sent
201903Meme Faucet Round 10Rewards sent (tx)
201903Banano Cheddur Giveaway!Rewards sent
20190310k BANANO Giveaway at DLIVERewards sent (dlive)
201903TriggerHaven Twitch GiveawayRewards sent (twitch)
201903Monkey Match March 2019Rewards sent
20190315k BANANO Giveaway at TriggerHaven TVRewards sent (twitch)
201902Telegram Tipping PartyRewards sent (telegram)
201902Banano Meme Faucet Round 9Rewards sent (tx)
201902Banano Twitter Gleam GiveawayRewards sent (twitter)
20190230k BANANO Giveaway on TriggerHaven TVRewards sent (discord)
201902Kalium iOS release giveaway at MediumRewards sent (medium)
201902Valentine's Day Karaoke ContestRewards sent (discord)
201902Black Monkey Faucetgame Round 2Rewards sent (tx)
201902Banano Meme Faucet Round 8Rewards sent (tx)
201901Valentine's Day Emoji ContestRewards sent (discord)
201901aMAZEing Banano RaceRewards sent
201901Monkey Match 01/2019Rewards sent (discord)
201901Banano Meme Faucet Round 7Rewards sent (tx)
201901Banano Meme Faucet Round 6Rewards sent (tx)
201901Banano Meme Faucet Round 5Rewards sent (tx)
201901Banano Meme Faucet Round 4Rewards sent (tx)
201901Banano Meme Faucet Round 3Rewards sent (tx)
201812Instagram X-Mas GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201812Twitter X-Mas GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201812Facebook X-Mas GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201812Banano Papertoy Contest XMAS 2018 EditionRewards sent (reddit)
201812Banano Xmas Cookie ContestRewards sent (reddit)
201812Monkey Match Xmas EditionRewards sent (discord)
201812Black Monkey Faucet GameRewards sent (tx)
201812Banano Meme Faucet Round 2Rewards sent (tx)
201812Reddit December Begging and Tipping ThreadRewards sent (reddit)
201812Banano Road to XMASRewards sent (discord)
201812Banano Food-Man ContestRewards sent (discord)
201811Banano Airdrop to Dogecoin HoldersRewards sent
201811Banano Meme Faucet Round 1Rewards sent (tx)
201811BANANO Food ContestRewards sent (discord) Nano Voting RewardsRewards sent (tx)
201811Doge Airdrop Twitter GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201811Doge Airdrop Facebook GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201811Mercatox Banano Trading PromoRewards sent (mercatox)
201811Sculpture Art ContestRewards sent (discord)
201811r/banano Welcome GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201810BlockToberFest: Papertoy ContestRewards sent (tx)
201810BlockToberFest: Banano Story ContestRewards sent (reddit)
201810BlockToberFest: Instagram GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201810BlockToberFest: Create a Banano Video ContestRewards sent (tx)
201810BlockToberFest: Pet Costume ContestRewards sent (discord)
201810BlockToberFest: Twitter GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201810BlockToberFest: Facebook GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201810BlockToberFest: Telegram GiveawayRewards sent (telegram)
201810BlockToberFest: Banano PuzzleRewards sent (discordt)
201810BlockToberFest: MonKey Match SpooKey EditionRewards sent (discord)
201810Facebook GiveawayRewards sent (tx)
201810SpooKey Contest (Discord)Rewards sent (discord)
201909Monkey Match Faucet Game round #3Rewards sent Banano voting giveawayRewards sent
201808Banano Papertoy Contest #1Rewards sent
201808Banano Meme Design Contest #2Rewards sent
201808Banano official instagram launch giveawayRewards sent
201807Banano Meme Design Contest #1Rewards sent
201807Giveaway for r/cc usersRewards sent
201807Coinex Voting BountyRewards sent
201807"Banthanos did nothing wrong" SNAP giveawayRewards sent
201807Banano Minecraft Server FaucetRewards sent
201807Monkey Match Faucet Game Round #2Rewards sent
201807Banano Runner event #5Rewards sent
201807Banano Talent ContestRewards sent
201806Monkey Match Faucet Game Round #1Rewards sent
201806Mr Banano ContestRewards sent
2018061 Million Blocks PartyRewards sent
201806monKey QR game #2Rewards sent
201806Banano Pet ContestRewards sent
201805Miss Banano Junglo eventRewards sent
201805monKey QR code giveawayRewards sent
201805Banano Runner event #4Rewards sent
201804Banano Runner event #3Rewards sent
201804Banano Runner event #2Rewards sent
201804Banano Twitter giveawayRewards sent
201804Banano Runner event #1Rewards sent
201804Banano Airdrop to Nano holdersRewards sent
201804Banano Airdrop to Nano holdersRewards sent